Swimming Pool

Pensacola Pet Resort Swimming Pool Dog DaycarePensacola Pet Resort is now offering unique amenities for our clients that are causing quite a splash! It seems like a dream come true for a canine; a dogs-only swimming pool to splash around in to their hearts’ content! Pensacola Pet Resort now provides a large in ground, saltwater, bone shaped swimming pool fully equipped with a fountain, which offers exercise and a lot of fun! Our Pensacola Pet Resort Swimming Pool Dog Daycarenew pool not only gives pet’s mental and physical stimulation but is also a great way to add some excitement to your dog’s stay! Pool sessions are available by appointment, in 20 minute segments. Book your daycare or boarding reservation today and add a swim session. Swim packages can also be purchased at a discounted rate. All dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations and have no issues thatPensacola Pet Resort Swimming Pool Dog Daycare prohibit them from swimming. Sign up today and let your furry best friend enjoy jumping and paddling as fast as he/she can for that tennis ball, Frisbee or floating toy!

We also renovated our back yard to now provide 3 separate play yards. Our largest play and pool yard is covered in plush astro turf and added shade! Pensacola Pet Resort also offers many additional amenities for extra pampering that can be added to your pet’s stay.  Some of our additional amenities include; pawdicures, facials, massages, and extra play times.  Call to schedule a tour today!