Pensacola Pet Resort

Pensacola, Florida

Our staff at Pensacola Pet Resort is courteous and kind and willing to attend to your special needs, and they just love dogs.

Karissa – Veterinary Technician / Manager
Karissa started working as a Vet Tech at EHAH in the spring of 2022. She has worked with animals since 2015 when she first started as a volunteer for an animal shelter in Mississippi. Karissa has a passion for helping pets and owners alike. She has two cats and a dog of her own and enjoys camping, traveling, and gaming in her free time.

Amy – General Manager
Amy has worked as an Operations/HR Manager since 2002.  She graduated from Life University in 2001 with a degree in Healthcare Management and returned to Pensacola to help Dr. Hall open East Hill Animal Hospital and the Pensacola Pet Resorts. She branched out in 2012 to gain more business experience in the human healthcare industry for 7 years, and returned to East Hill Animal Hospital in 2019.  Amy has two dogs and is from Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Alexis – Receptionist
Alexis is new to our team in 2023 and she is very excited to be working with us as a receptionist. She is learning a lot about big dogs and has really enjoyed meeting all of our daycare dogs! She has a bunny at home named Bean and her favorite dogs are English Bulldogs. She enjoys going to the movies with her friends and watching her favorite shows.

Angel – Receptionist
Angel started working at Pensacola Pet Resort in May 2023. She has two tuxedo cats she loves to spoil back at home. In her spare time, she enjoys creating art, cooking, and gaming. She has always had a passion for animals and is super excited to meet your fur babies!

Emily – Receptionist
Emily started at PPR1 in spring of 2023 as a kennel tech and enjoys working with animals. She has a soft spot for large breed dogs and has three at home named Havery, Bruce and Nova. Emily is now in the reception department so she gets to enjoy the owners and pets at the resort!

Graham – Kennel Technician
Graham has been a bath technician here at Pet Resort Too since 2017. He has a long history of raising and rescuing animals. . He is a father of two children, two dogs, and two cats. He enjoys helping our furry friends look and feel their best

Parris – Kennel Technician
Parris joined the Pet Resort team in May 2023. While she was not allowed pets of her own, she spent a lot of time playing with her friends’ and neighbors’ animals. She volunteered at Alaqua Animal Refuge for three Summers before working here and has a bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences from the University of West Florida. She hopes to get into a Veterinary Technician Program and become a vet tech.

Lucas – Kennel Technician
Lucas is a kindhearted kennel tech who has a talent for dogs. He really enjoys making friends with all the dogs here at PPR. His favorite part of the job is playing with the dogs and helping them find playmates.

Jesslyn – Kennel Technician
Jesslyn is a very hardworking and dedicated kennel tech who has always loved working with animals and enjoys investing time and love into the dogs at the resort. She makes sure every pet is physically, mentally, and emotionally enriched. She enjoys spending time with her own pets at home.

Emily – Kennel Technician

Kneia – Kennel Technician