Pensacola Pet Resort

Pensacola, Florida

Friend of Canines

My puppies spent the night as guests of the Pensacola Pet Resort for the first time this weekend and we were very happy with the care of my angels and the interaction offered by the staff. We have a very intelligent Labrador who made it a point to turn back around and say good-bye, and give a kiss to one of the members of the Pet Resort Family. Our lab Mickey is 10 years old and very spoiled; for him to enjoy a place is very reassuring to us. (Both of our boys Love the pool that is available) Our second sweet angel is a 5 year old Belgian Malinois (Tigger) with the energy level of 3 or 4 normal dogs and about an eighteenth of the attention span! We are very excited about the possibility of finding a new ‘Home away from Home’ for our two K9s, as we like to travel often (and for extended holidays). Knowing that there is a safe and comfortable place for our angels to stay, with an attentive staff, will make our holiday more relaxing and enjoyable.